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A fast and easy way to collection rain water.

Recycle and store FREE water with our water recycling system!

FreeFlo Water Recycling system is a leading full-service water harvesting company located just outside Raleigh NC. Our innovative, patented system is a consumer-friendly way to collect and store rain water.

The FreeFlo Water Recycling system collects water from your home and yard and stores it in a water collection storage tank sized to fit your needs. You can use your stored water to irrigate your landscape, flush toilets, fill your swimming pool, wash your car, powerwash your home and more. You can feel good knowing you are helping the environment, recycling water and conserving water.

We offer complete, turnkey installation through our certified installers. Or you can purchase a kit and install the system yourself!

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US Patent # 7,207,748,
US Patent # 7,534,070
We Solve Impervious Surface Problems
Increases Property Value
No Evaporation
No More Water Restrictions
No Insect Accumulation
Saves Money On Your Water Bill
No Algae Growth

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